digital patterns/ tech packs/ fabric&trims sale

Want To start a clothing line?

Sale Lasts Through 6/22/22 - See Below For Details

CREAG is now running a sale on all patterns, tech packs, and fabric/trims for each of our designs. They are all up to view and the sale will run through the 22nd. After that, I will probably hold onto the patterns for a rainy day and sell the fabric and trims in smaller increments. Certain designs I will be selling as a whole, since most of the elements are still in inventory. However, there are a couple of fabrics I sold in bulk earlier this year. So, with those designs I will be selling the patterns and tech packs independently, with the option to purchase the other items.

For those of you interested, but apprehensive because of the inflation and economy woes we are facing right now, you should be in perfect position to launch when the economy rebounds. It will take a bare minimum of a year (more than likely a year and a half) to get any product ready to sell. With the upcoming elections in November, the chances are good that the economy will rebound. I try to look at things with a business mindset and try not to let politics cloud my vision.

What is it that folks want to do more than anything after a recession, SPEND MONEY! This is literally the perfect moment to start a new business. The best news is, now that the overblown pandemic is slightly behind us, the only thing left to do is to wait for population confidence push the economy in the right direction.

Obviously, for anyone interested in purchasing multiple items I will be more than happy to discuss better pricing. I'm assuming some folks will be shocked at the pricing, but keep in mind it takes a tremendous amount of time and capital to bring a single design to life, let alone seven. From concepts, prototyping, fabric and trim selection, development (sizing/grading), and making simple adjustments, it all adds up.

I have also sold through 95% of my of CREAG's technical design inventory which means that our designs were very successful, especially our pants and shorts. There are over 4000 of our designs out there in circulation and will be for a long time to come thanks to the great work from my designers. If you have an itch to do something new like a clothing line this is the perfect opportunity to get a new brand off the ground with proven successful designs.

If you, or someone you know may be intersted please have them contact Mac at or find the email link in the descriptions below.


M's Pants/shorts & W's Pants

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M's & W's Jacket Patterns, Tech Packs, and Fabric/trims for sale

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Women's Tank Top Patterns, Tech Packs, Fabric & Trims for sale

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Women's Legings/Tight & Compression Short patterns and tech packs for sale

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Men's Quantum Pant

The Quantum Pant is our signature item and it has proven it's worth in the outdoors. Tough enough for months in Vedauwoo, WY, yet lightweight and comfortable, the Quantum is a pant that will never want to put in the closet.

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Women's Solstice Jacket

The Solstice is the best mid-layer hybrid jacket around. Designed for climbing, this jacket has proven its worth as a trail running and backcountry skiing jacket as well. The marriage of the two high-end fabrics combine to make the ultimate thermo-regulating armor.

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