We Are Selling Everything in bulk!

Now that we are closing the doors on CREAG, we have decided to sell our product in bulk lots. Meaning, if you want to purchase all men's pants, women's pants, etc. you can purchase them at a great discount.

All technical clothing items are below 50% off of our manufacturing expenses. Keep in mind our costs were higher since we manufactured in the USA. Essentially, you will be getting high quality products at 10% below overseas manufacturing pricing. Tees and truckers are over 30% off our cost.

There is more detailed information regarding overall stock, and pricing under each apparel style. The slashed price is based off of what the ideal retail price was for each item, which is far below our original retail prices.

Regardless, the deals are huge. If anyone is interested in purchasing the entire lot, we can discuss an additional discount. This is perfect for anyone who owns an online or brick and mortar store. So, if you know anyone send them our way. Contact mac@creagwear.com for more details.

Thanks again everyone for all of your support over the past several years!