Listed above are each of the "INDIVIDUAL" product style packages, "GROUP" packages, and the "ALL" asset package available for purchase. More detailed information for each style will be listed by clicking on the individual product. There will be some minor differences among each of them, but for the most part they will all be identical.

Below are three grouped packages also available for sale at a much bigger discount than purchasing each of them individually. Also, if you are interested in purchasing the digital assets, as well as, the raw materials you will need to contact me directly via the email listed below.

  1. Men's Pants, Men's Shorts, and Women's Pants - $70,000 - You are essentially paying full price for the men's & women's pants and getting the men's short for free.
  2. Men's and Women's Jackets - $45,000 - Reflects 25% off the two style packages combined.
  3. Women's Tights/Leggings & Compression Shorts - $22,500 - Reflects 25% off the price of both styles combined.

If you were to purchase each of the product style digital asset packages individually it would cost you $188,000. If you purchased each of the grouped items plus the Tank Top as a whole it would cost you $147,500. However, if you were to purchase the entire bundle of every style your total cost would be $130,000.

The total cost, if you were to purchase all of the digital asset packages and raw materials ($70,000 worth of fabric, zippers, elastics, etc.) is $160,000. That's an additional discount of over 60% off the raw materials.

***The most important thing to consider is that these prices do not reflect all of the social media, advertizing, marketing, seeding, photography, and other expenses accrued during our time as a brand.***

If you do decide to purchase more than one asset package, or want to purchase raw materials with a specific style, please Email Mac so we can discuss specific pricing.

Listed below are the items included in each package:

Digital Assets:

  • Pattern Files - (Xs, Sm, Med, Lg, Xl). File types (.ai, .dxf, .PDS, .rul)
  • Digital Renderings - Digital sketches of the product style and each specific callout (fabrics, trims, label & trim placements, etc.)
  • POM - Point of Measurement based off the prototypes.
  • Grading Spreadsheets - Measurements based off size sets (grading of all sizes)
  • BOM - Bill of Materials - Designer and manufacturer notes and data regarding each of the raw materials used.
  • 'Cost Calculator Workbook' including all fabric and trim totals, the cost calculator, and overall cost workbooks.
  • 2.5-hour audio/video tutorial discussing each of the assets included in the packages. Plus, I include the appropriate steps need to start your brand for those who have never owned their own company. Lastly, I include a list of many of the do's and don'ts as suggestions for you as you get your business off the ground.
  • Critical Terms Document - This is a list of many of the terms used in the apparel industry and will be a great thing to reference when someone rattles off a term you have never heard before.
  • Two Purchase Order Templates - One general vendor PO and one more detailed PO for your manufacturer.
  • A 'Vendor Shipping and Packaging' Template - Will be attached to every purchase order you send out.
  • A 'Terms and Conditions' Template - Will go out with every purchase order.
  • Inventory Spreadsheet Template - This will be a workbook you can use to record the actual inventory numbers you get from your manufacturer.
  • Studio Shot Product Images - You will receive studio photos of each of the colors (even the colors we did not get to) at several different angles.