CREAG is now selling our assortment of Shindo elastics from our upcoming line. Below is a list of each of the trims and in what styles they were incorporated.

    • Men's Pants:  Waistband Stretch Belt, Thin Stretch Binder
    • Women's Pants: Waistband Flat Cord, Thin Stretch Binder, Stripe Stretch Binder Tape
    • Men's Shorts:  Waistband Stretch Belt, Thin Stretch Binder
    • Women's Leggings: Waistband Flat Cord, Stripe Stretch Binder Tape
    • Women's Compression Short: Waistband Flat Cord, Stripe Stretch Binder Tape
    • Women's Tank Top: Waist Stretch Tape Soft, Chambray Stretch Binder Tape