This collection contains the remaining raw materials left in inventory from 60%-75% off our cost. Each lot is a full color asset. For example if you are looking for a dark purple thread you will need to purchase the full amount of that color (Power Purple, 134 spools). So instead of paying the original cost of $9.99 a spool they are now available for $4.50 a spool. However, if you were to purchase all of the remaining thread you will get each spool for $3.25 (found in the bundles collections).

Any individual lot, other than fabric, can be purchased in the store and shipping will be calculated based on weight at checkout. If you want more than one lot I would suggest simply adding it to your cart and sending me an email at or since we may have to arrange a freight transport.

Although these deals are great the biggest deals are in the 'Bundles' Collections. You can either purchase all the fabric, zippers, thread, elastics, or the digital assets at mega discounts.