CREAG is now selling each of our technical fabrics at discount. Our fabrics are top of the line and I have priced them below our cost. Clearly, the more fabric purchased, the more significant the price break. If anyone is interested in purchasing any of the fabrics in bulk or buying patterns/tech packs as well, please contact Mac at to discuss better pricing.

We are missing a few fabrics, so here is a list of what we have in inventory:

  • Men's Pants: Self (Primary) - Cordora style fabric (Orange, Gray), Contrast (Secondary) - Ripstop (Orange, Gray).
  • Women's PantsSelf (Primary) - Cordora style fabric (Purple, Gray), Contrast (Secondary) - Ripstop (Purple, Gray).
  • Men's ShortsSelf (Primary) - Cordora style fabric (Orange, Gray), Contrast (Secondary) - Ripstop (Orange, Gray).
  • Men's Jackets: Self (Primary) - SOLD, Contrast (Secondary) - Ripstop (Black, Sodalite Blue).
  • Women's Jackets: Self (Primary) - SOLDContrast (Secondary) - Ripstop (Ultra Violet, Diva Blue).
  • Women's Leggings: SOLD
  • Women's Compression Shorts: SOLD
  • Women's Tank Top: Self (Primary) - 4-Way Stretch (Neon Yellow, Baby Blue, Gray).