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    Sale Overview:

    I am now liquidating each of our remaining fabrics. Depending on the textile I will be selling them in 1,3,5,10, and 15-yard increments. For those of you interested in starting a clothing line, this is a perfect opportunity to purchase patterns and a small amount of fabric/trims to sew out samples for your upcoming line without breaking the bank.

    I am not providing the textile company information since that is the key ingredient to any design. However, I will provide that information if a pattern/tech pack purchase is made. Once a pattern/tech pack purchase is made, I will not divulge that information to anyone else. With that said, the race is on for those interested.

    Lastly, for those who will make a pattern/tech pack purchase on any of the remaining styles, I will provide fabric & trim (thread, zippers, elastics, bra inserts, buttons, etc.) samples for free. There are two items missing;

    1. PantsWaistband Fabric (Women). I have one yard remaining, providing you enough to sew out a prototype for each inseam length.
    2. JacketsPrimary (Self). I have one roll remaining in light blue, making it possible to sew out a prototype and size set in both men's and women's styles.

    Current Fabric Inventory:

    • Pant/Short FabricPrimary (Self, Cordora) & Secondary (Contrast, Ripstop) in colors; orange, gray, and purple.
    • Jacket FabricSecondary (Contrast, Ripstop) in colors sky blue, dark blue, yellow, dark purple, pink/purple, and black.
    • Tank Top FabricPrimary (Self) in colors; yellow, gray, kiwi green, light purple, and baby blue.
    • Pocket Liner: Pants/Shorts/Jackets in colors; lime/yellow and black

    For those of you considering a significant purchase, and would like to jump on a call, or video chat for more detailed information, contact Mac at