Leggings & Compression Shorts

CREAG Women's Leggings/Compression Shorts Patterns & Tech Packs Are Now Up For Sale!

I am only selling the patterns and tech packs to these two designs since I sold all of the bulk fabric earlier in the year. However, if you are interested in purchasing the pants/shorts package, and considering you will need to replace the women's pant waistband fabric this would be a nice addition since they share the same fabric. I do have all of the trims for these styles, but you would need to inquire about the sale of those additional items.

The legging/tight costs considerably more since we have two inseam lengths (30" & 32" - 8 sizes). You can purchase one or the other, or both at a discount price.

Below is a detailed list of the items that are included in the sale and then the sale price. If curious or interested please reach out to Mac at mac@creagwear.com and I can answer any questions you may have regarding the sale.

The items included are:

Digital Patterns:

- Readable zip files for any manufacturer

- Detailed digital renderings w/ call outs

Sizing Charts - All size charts from the development process

 Here are the sale options:

  • You can purchase the leggings/tights for $20,000
  • You can purchase the compression shorts for $7500
  • You can purchase both items for $23,000

If you, or anyone you may know may be interested in making a purchase please contact Mac at mac@creagwear.com.