Three Tiers Of Prizes Available To Those Who Purchase NFT's.

Read more below regarding the NFT Collection and requirements to win each of the prizes.

A Bit About The Artist & Developer

Greeting folks. My name is Mac Gaugh and I have been an outdoor enthusiast since I was a little kid. I was born in raised in Pittsburgh, PA, went to college in Ohio, and have lived out west between Colorado and Wyoming ever since. Although, I have pretty much done every possible outdoor activity my real passion was rock climbing. So, for twenty plus years every part of my life was saturated with some element of the sport.

In 2017 I decided to start my own outdoor clothing brand called, CREAG. With a majority of my DNA being Scottish, I decided to use the Gaelic term for crag as the name of the brand. and the highland mountain bull as the logo. After three years of design, development, and manufacturing we had a soft launch in November of 2019 with the intention of a full launch in March 2020...

The Overall Goal

My overall goal is to create a platform to those interested in starting an apparel brand. Although shortlived, the four years I spent developing CREAG through design, social media, marketing, etc. is very valuable information. Although I did most things right, I made some mistakes along the way. So my pitfalls will be to your benefit. The clothing industry, particularly in the outdoor sector is growing exponentially, and until the world decides we are all OK to walk around naked clothing will continue to be a big industry.

Below are a list of the prizes that can be won through this collection, as well as a short description regarding each of the KREW Teams. I will be uploading many more more NFT variations soon. The assets with KREW and team member names are the most valuable NFT's currently. However, I'm hoping once I upload they first responder assets, they will become the most sought after.

Purchase Perks


For anyone who purchases over 150K worth of NFT's during the auction, or highest bidder over 150K, will receive all the digital and raw material assets for CREAG. 500K worth of assets for only a fraction of the cost.

If you click on any of the links on this page, you can a much more detailed description of the assets included. I will also provide twenty hours of one-on-one consultation via video, phone, etc. to ensure that you are in the perfect position to get your brand up and running. My goal is to see you succeed, and although I was hit with some unfortunate circumstances it doesn't mean that I don't want to see the torch passed onto someone else.


The first three people who purchase 25K or more in terms of NFT assets will receive all of the digital asset templates and ten hours of one-on-one consultation. The only assets missing will be the patterns and tech packs for the individual design styles we created. Those items will be reserved to the highest bidder. Regardless, I spent hundreds of hours developing these intuitive spreadsheets, as well as compiling a 2.5 hour tutorial video, simplifying your experience getting into the apparel realm.


For the first 25 folks who purchase one of the collection NFT's at full price will get any of the three combinations;

1) One Trucker Cap & One T-Shirt
2) Two Trucker Caps
3) Two T-Shirts

Unfortunately, we are out of Men's X-Large and this only applies to those living in the United States. I've had a nightmare with international shipping, so I apologize to my crypto friends overseas.

Once you have placed a bid and I've accepted your bid offer please DM me on Twitter @CrypticClimber or to let me know which items you would like. You can find the trucker hats and tees under the collections tab at the top of the page. Please make sure to include the address you would like the items shipped.

Fuhkenwoken Teams

Currently there are four different teams that make-up the Kryptic Krew. They all operate under the team name of "FUHKENWOKEN," which is a play on the old Volkswagen ad campaign "Fahrvergnugen." The team name was specifically chosen due to the athletes frustration with the ridiculous woke culture currently going on in the United States. Each team member was selected not only by their incredible talents, but the fact that they don't have any specific political affiliations. Lastly, each team has added an honorary first responder member since they have been thrown under the bus over the past several years. Those members will be added closer to the end of the auction.
Cryptic Klimbers
A Krew of insane climbers who push the boundaries of climbing. These eleven Krushers have climbed almost everything on Earth, so they are hoping to poach a ride with Elon's SpaceX rig soon to explore and develop new terrain elsewhere.
Cryptic Karvers
A Krew of powderhounds from all of the the US. Every skier has a particular specialty. From monster cliff hucks, to backcountry specialists you can guarantee these shredders will keep you adrenaline pumping.
Cryptic Kickers
Riders on the storm. These two wheel maniacs tear up singletrack wherever they ride. From first descents, big drops, and nasty aerials these folks are setting new standards in the mountain biking world.
Cryptic Kowboys
Although not officially part of the elite group of athletes, these rebels are badass in their own sense. This Krew operates like the kowboys of the wild west, but instead of getting into bar fights and shootouts they protect the common citizen from villains. However, from time to time old habits creep back in, and they have been found in trouble with the law on occasion.

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