Our Commitment

Our Story

The wild places we love to explore must be protected, even as we shield our bodies from the elements by wearing CREAG apparel.  As we continue to refine our designs to prepare you for your most daunting challenges, we will be working hard to meet our own objectives; to keep our products as free as possible from unethical trading practices, poor working conditions for our employees, and hazardous environmental impacts from our manufacturing processes. For example, at CREAG, we avoid waste at all cost and hope to serve as a model for everyone to do the same. We are committed to making as small an impact as possible so future generations have the same opportunity for adventure we do.

Our reality is that we design and assemble locally, while we source our unique materials globally.  We do not claim every item of every garment is made in the USA; however, we are proud to offer our customers apparel that is designed, developed, and manufactured on American soil.  We are trying to move away from outsourcing and find a way to limit our dependence on foreign goods. Transitioning from reliable global resources is risky, and expensive, which is why we have higher price points than our competitors.  Our hope is to change the way people shop for clothing and to feel a sense of pride when purchasing apparel made in our domestic factories. Ultimately, our goal is for our mountain apparel line to become an embodiment of American grit and we hope you will join us on this amazing journey.

 The CREAG Tagline is; 'Find something that brings you purpose in life. Be competitive with yourself. Push the limits of your ability. Most importantly, never take life too seriously.’ Cast all memories aside for that moment when nothing else matters but what stands between you and the determination to push on. Let perseverance, not fear, be the driving force to overcome the challenges you face.

Freedom of Movement and Freedom of Mind are the driving concepts behind our designs. Our brand integrity is personified in every stitch, every cut, and every seam. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, and you can expect nothing less. When you wear CREAG, we want you to feel like you can be anything. Choose to be bold, to be fearless, to unequivocally, be you.

CREAG is built on the premise of change and founded on the belief that anything is possible. We pride ourselves on innovation and leave no new ideas behind. By taking risks, defining our own guidelines, and exploring uncharted terrain, we bring a new perspective to an old set of ideologies.