An Entrepreneur's Dream Opportunity

Purchase all of our digital assets and raw materials at an amazingly low price.

Why buy our patterns/tech packs and remaining raw materials ?

First of all the price is right. With roughly 350K worth of digital assets/raw goods, and a sale price of 120K, that's over 65% off. It's also important to mention that the price does not include all of the design research, marketing, advertising, and sales expenses we accrued over the past four years. Having sold through 97% of our inventory, that means almost all of our products are being worn somewhere outdoors. The facts are that our Men's Pant/Short and Women's Pant patterns/tech packs are worth in the range of 250K due to their amazing success, and our asking price for all assets is under half that amount..
So if it's such a great deal why have I decided to sell everything?
This is definitely the question I get asked most. The truth is, I wish I didn't have to sell all of our business assets. Especially, now that I know how popular our designs have become. The short explanation is that my private funding was cut short due to the uncertainty of the pandemic. At that point I was left with what little remaining funds I had to try and get the business off the ground on my own. Although I gave it my very best effort, it proved to be far too much for me to handle alone.
Why would I want to buy now when our economy is faltering?
Very good question. The bottom line is that it will take at a bare minimum one year, but more than likely a year and a half before you will even have any product in hand to sell. By then, I would assume we will be trending upward in terms of consumer confidence. The one thing I can tell you from my experience is that once we see a reversal the first thing folks want to do is spend money.

I launched CREAG under the opposite of conditions. Then again, it's difficult to forecast a pandemic into your budget. That's why I would say this would be the perfect time to jump on an opportunity like this one. More importantly, I don't see any reason why someone would not turn a net profit in the first year with everything included in the sale. We have eliminated most of the start-up expenditures, and provided you with digital assets which will eliminate a large amount of your up front costs.
What are each of the assets included in the sale?
The link below will take you to a page listing each of the digital and raw material assets. The digital assets include forty digital patterns (in four file formats), seven technical packs (BOM (bill of materials), POM (point of measurement charts), my own constructed spreadsheets (listing cost per fabric/trim per design, and a cost/margin analysis calculator), and a README file explaining each of the files.

The raw materials include fabrics, zippers, elastics, threads, buttons, bra inserts, and woven/heat transfer labels. I still have most of the items, but have sold a couple lots of fabric and a few of the trims.
How can I reach out to you?
You can contact Mac at at which point we can schedule a time to jump on a phone call or Zoom chat to discuss everything in more detail. I look forward to hearing from of you soon.

There are a few more additional questions below on the FAQ page if anything may have been left unanswered.


Frequently questions asked
Can I return the digital assets and raw materials?

Yes and no. Once the digital assets have been exchanged they cannot be returned. It would be too easy for someone to download the zip files containing all of the assets and then demand a refund. As for the raw materials, yes they may be returned, but freight will need to be payed by the buyer.

If I needed some additional support could I contact you?

Absolutely. I would be more than happy to offer additional support/consulting up to twenty hours for free. Any additional support would require compensation, and that could be discussed at a later date.

How would our correspondence be handled?

We could communicate through video chats, phone calls, e-mails, texts, or in person if that could be arranged. Just let me know what works best for you.

I work odd hours and am curious what your availability would look like?

No problem. I will make sure to slot out times that are most convenient for you.

Why can't I simply make the purchase from the CREAG online store?

Good question. The primary reason is that it's a significant purchase. I think it's important to have a discussion regarding the terms and conditions of the agreement before any large exchange is made.

What if I only wanted to buy certain digital assets and raw materials instead of the entire bundle?

Not a problem. You have the ability to purchase certain design patterns/tech packs and the raw materials associated with each style. The goal for me is to sell everything at once, so I can finally move onto my next project. The prices for each individual pattern/tech pack increases the less you purchase. From my perspective, it would be far more economical to purchase everything, and then sort through the items you want to use. You never know, a style you didn't consider may actually find its way into your product line at some point.

If  a purchase is made how long would it take to obtain all  of the assets included?

Once we both sign an agreement regarding the conditions of the purchase you will be looking at a couple of days for the digital assets and a few weeks for the raw materials. Clearly, if you are local or live in a close proximity, you then have the ability to pick up the fabric/trims at your convenience.