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Digital Patterns

Every purchased style comes with digital patterns in four different file types (.ai, .dxf, .PDS, .rul). This means that any manufacturer you decide on will have the ability to use one of these files, with .dxf being the universal pattern file type.

For anyone who may be confused why certain design styles are more expensive than others here are a few of the reasons; 

  • Men's & Women's Pants, as well as, Women's Leggings come with two inseam lengths making the total pattern count to eight sizes (four for 30" and four for 32").
  • Some of the designs are more complicated than others. For instance, the pants have in the range of 24-30 panels while the tank top only has a few. 

  • The last reason is popularity. Although we came close to selling all our inventory our pants, shorts, and jackets were our top sellers.


Digital Renderings

Digital renderings of each product styles are also included in each of the packages. Every set comes with detailed callouts for all the components that make-up each of the designs, including callouts for fabrics, trims, logo/zipper placements, colors, and much more.

For those of you not familiar with clothing design these multi-page documents will be your best friend. All details are clearly labeled on each of the docs. and having the visual style image for reference makes everything easier to comprehend.


Point of Measurement

Although these are much smaller versions of the true spreadsheets, the POM is extremly important to the design process. Every POM starts with your chosen size (for us medium men and small women) for prototyping. Most complex designs will require anywhere from 2-5 prototypes since you are still deciding on fabric combinations and fit.

The next stage once you have decided on your final prototyope sizing is the grading development. This is a fairly simple step in the process thanks to amazing digital software. You will grade for every other siaze based off of your prototype base size. Once the grading is done youi can then move into bulk manufacturing.


Bill of Materials

The last element included in each of the tech packs is the BOM (Bill of Materials). These forms will be completed by your manufacturer and designer. The data in these spreadsheets will include a list of all of the raw materials included in each product style.

Every aspect of the product design will be in the form. All colors, sizes, weights, yields, etc. will be included as well as any adjustments that have been made and approved by the project manager.

Audio/Video Asset Tutorial


Audio/Video Tutorial

I spent most of the past couple months putting together a two and a half hour audio/video tutorial explaining each of the digital assets in detail. It is made up of four different sections;

1) Introduction - During this section I go over some of the stages you will need to get your business up and running. These are based off my experience where some aspects I did correctly and others not so much.

2) Tech Packs - I spend a large chunk of the video going over the components that make up a tech pack (Patterns, Digital Renderings, POM, Size Sets, and BOM).

3) Spreadsheets & Workbooks - This is the one section where I dedicate a majority of time. The workbooks are intuitive, and will be the key component in terms of understanding your future budgeting and potential profit margins. 

4) Do's and Don'ts - My favorite part of the video since this is what your competitors do not want you to know. My hiccups will be to your benefit, and if you take all of the things I suggest to heart you will the starting line with a huge advantage.

Spreadsheets & Workbooks

I spent countless hours designing and developing these spreadsheets over the past several years, and then refining them over the past several months. The 'Cost Analysis' spreadsheet comes with several workbook tabs at the bottom of the page including fabric/trim totals, a cost calculator, and a total cost page. These workbooks are extremely detailed and include a multitude of formulas making each of them very easy to use and understand.

The most valuable workbook is the cost calculator. This workbook auto fills the information you provide in the fabric and trim workbooks and then calculates each of their totals. The calculator then displays what your profit margins are for direct to consumer and wholesale. Having this information not only helps you forecast your upcoming expenses, but it also helps understanding how much you can or cannot spend on fabric and trims.

You can manipulate the figures in any of the workbooks, so you can figure out exactly what you can spend on raw materials. These numbers will make your life that much easier when attending trade shows. For anyone attending trade shows, having the ability to minimize the time spent will not only save money but keep you mentally stable. Imagine having all the financial data you need before you sit down for a meeting with a textile or trim company beforehand, especially when you are dealing with language bariers.

Additional Assets

Listed below are a list of additional assets included in each of the digital asset packages.
Inventory Spreadsheets
The inventory spreadsheet is something you can utilize when you begin receiving product from the manufacturer. 

  • First, you will submit a work order to your manufacturer with each size breakdown per style. All if this information will be provided to you when you are developing and grading your products, so you have a close to accurate tally of the fabric and trim amounts. 

  • Once you recieve the packing slips of the finished inventory (make sure you count everything you get) you can then compare your order numbers to finished product numbers.

  • Accurate numbers are critical to you overall profitability. Once the production run is complete, you will then ask your manufacturer for the overall waste numbers for fabric/trims. The less waste you have means more money in your pocket, and also means less waste going to landfills.
Product Photography
Having studio photos right from the start is a huge bonus. Not only will you be provided the original product line colors you will get the colors we were going to use for the next season. 

Considering a studio photo shoot for a small product line can cost anywhere from 4K to 6K this is an expense you will not need to worry about. Trust me, between professional studio and outdoor photography it can get expensive, so having a few photos up front will keep essential funds in your pocket for other expenses.
Purchase Order Templates
Two different purchase order templates will be included in the packages. The first is a general vendor PO, but has all the bells and whistles needed to protect your business. The catagory below discusses the 'Guidelines and Terms' templates which will be attached to every purchase order you send out.

The second template will be for your manufacturer. This will contain the size breakdowns for each product styles you will be submitting for production. As mentioned above you can use this PO as a gauge to see how close you are, in terms of yield, with your vendor orders.
Vendor Guidelines & Terms
The last of the templates will be your 'Vender Shipping & Packing Guidelines' and your 'Terms Conditions.' These will be attached as tabs on the bottom of every purchase order you send to vendors. These are critical to have since the will protect you from any possible shipping or manufacturing errors. Once they sign off on everything, you will then be protected legally and monetarily.

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Raw Materials

Raw Material Assets

Fabric, Zippers, Elastics, Thread, etc.
Fabrics (Companies Omitted)
Pant Fabric (Self) - Lightweight Cordora style fabric, 4-way stretch, breathable, and very durable.
Orange (560Y), Gray (935Y), Purple (360Y).

Pant Fabric (Contrast 1) - Lightweight ripstop, 4-way stretch, breathable, and very durable
Orange (300Y), Gray (535Y), Purple (225Y).

Pocket Liner - 100% Polyester, Mechanical Stretch
Black (350Y), Neon Yellow (1015Y).

Jacket Fabric (Self) - Sold

Jacket Fabric (Contrast 1) - Lightweight, 4-way stretch, breathable, and durable 
Violet (155Y), Diva Blue (170Y), Blk (250Y), Soda Blue (255Y).

Legging Fabric (Self) - Sold

Compression Short Fabric (Self) - Sold

Tank Top Fabric (Self) - 100% Polyester, 4-way stretch, breathable.
Safety Yellow (235Y), Gray (275Y), Baby Blue (305Y), Kiwi (185Y), Peach (180Y), Violet (185Y).
3CH Conceal - 6.0":
Navy (1490)

SOFLEX Reverse Coil Tape:
Closed End - 6.0" - Navy (1490)

Lightweight Tape - 5VS - 2-Way:
Purple 23.5" (55), Purple 24.0" (225), Purple 25.0" (110)

Lightweight Tape - 5VS - 2-Way:
Yellow 23.5" (55), Yellow 24.0" (225), Yellow 25.9" (110).

Lightweight Tape - 5VS - 2-Way:
Orange 26.5" (330), Orange 27.5" (165), Orange 28.5" (25).

Lightweight Tape - 5VS - 2-Way:
Black 26.5" (330), Black 27.5" (185), Black 28.5" (25)

SOFLEX Reverse Coil Tape - Closed End - 5.5":
Orange (445), Gray (445)

3CH Conceal - 6.5":
Violet (445), Yellow (445)

3CH Conceal - 7.5":
Orange (440), Black (440)
Stretch Belt - 50mm Width - 30m Length: 
Navy (Total - 1120m)

Waist Stretch Tape Soft - 25mm Width - 30m Length: 
White (Total - 380m)

Chambray Stretch Binder Tape - 9mm Width - 30m: 
Green/Yellow (Total - 460m)

Stripe Stretch Binder Tape - 9mm Width - 30m Length:
Blue/Pink (Total - 1440m)

Waist Stretch Tape Soft - 25mm Width - 30m Length:
Teal (Total - 125m)

Thin Stretch Binder - 99mm Width - 100m Length:
Navy (Total - 1380m)

Elastic Cord Flat - 8 Cords, 8mm - 30m Length:
Black (Total - 1160m)
Perma Core Tex 30 - Poly Wrap Poly - 6000Y (Spool):
Power Purple (133 Spools)

Perma Core Tex 30 - Poly Wrap Poly - 6000Y (Spool):
Star Blue (83 Spools)

Perma Core Tex 30 - Poly Wrap Poly - 6000Y (Spool):
Yellow (69 Spools)

Perma Core Tex 30 - Poly Wrap Poly - 6000Y (Spool): 
Papaya (56 Spools)

Perma Core Tex 30 - Poly Wrap Poly - 6000Y (Spool):
Orchid (44 Spools)

Perma Core Tex 30 - Poly Wrap Poly - 6000Y (Spool):
Blue 24 (88 Spools)

Perma Core Tex 30 - Poly Wrap Poly - 6000Y (Spool):
Purple 7 (35 Spools)

Perma Core Tex 30 - Poly Wrap Poly - 6000Y (Spool):
Pacific Blue (24 Spools)
Misc. Trims
Woven Size Tab Loops: Blk/Wht - Xs (2150), Sm (4480), Md (4720), Lg (4120), Xl (1890)

Stretch Size Heat Transfer: Silver - Xs (2050), Sm (3000), Md (1700), Lg (1280)
Buttons/Snaps: Bronze Finish - 950 Sets
Bra Inserts: Nude - Small (Total - 90 Pairs), Medium (Total - 500 Pairs)

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