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Items Included:

READ ME File: A thorough Word Doc. explaining all the files in detail listed below, and how to utilize them to your advantage. There is also a list of defined terms (commonly used in the apparel industry) which will help make interpreting the spreadsheets much easier.

Digital Patterns: Zip (.ai, .dxf, .rul, .PDS) files containing each size pattern. For pants you are getting eight patterns (One for a 30" inseam and the second for a 32" inseam).

Technical Packs: Digital .ai file renderings containing placement callouts for fabric, zippers, thread, buttons, etc.

POM's: (Point of Measurement Charts): Spreadsheets containing each measurement set during the sizing/development process. The POM also contains additional notes regarding the alterations we made along the way.

BOM's: (Bill of Materials): A detailed list of materials (fabric/trims), as well as notes/measurements provided by the manufacturer.

Other Spreadsheets: Spreadsheets that will provide all the information you will need to get up and running. For anyone still needing a business plan, these sheets will provide you the information needed for future sales projections and start-up costs. All calculations are done for you, so all you need to do is plug numbers if you make changes to the fabric/trims or if you are developing another style. This information will be imperative in terms of understanding cost analysis and what your potential profit margins will be.

Sale Details:

Every pattern sold comes with each of the items above guaranteed.

Our Men's Pants proved to be our biggest seller along with our Women's Pants and Men's Shorts. Bold colors, high-end fabrics/trims, and well thought out designs enabled us to sell through over 98% of our inventory. The price listed is well below what it cost us to go through concept, fabric/trim research, prototyping, product testing, and development (grading for each size). 

The Men's Quantum Pant was showcased and reviewed in both Rock&Ice and Climbing Magazines before they merged. I have provided the links below if you would like to read the product reviews.

These pants may appear simplistic in terms of aesthetics, but they are very complex in terms of design. Our pants have nearly three times the amount of panels as a standard pant. So, developing a design that complex can get fairly pricey. We spent  nearly 100K to design and develop our men's pants, and that does not include all of the marketing, sales, seeding, and promoting expenses we accrued over the span of three years.

The spreadsheets I developed took hundreds of hours for me to compile, so you are getting much more than patterns/tech packs. Even if you don't know anything about the apparel industry these spreadsheets will provide the information you need to get up and running with ease.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. If for some reason if there were complications downloading the assets I will be happy to resend any files missing. However, once any pattern/tech pack purchase has been made and files have been sent to the email address provided you may not request a refund. It would be very easy for someone to download the files and then change their mind in an attempt to get their money back.

If you have questions of concerns please reach out to Mac at

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