Thread | Perma Core Tex 30 | Poly Wrap Poly | Star Blue

Thread | Perma Core Tex 30 | Poly Wrap Poly | Star Blue

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Product Description:

Perma Core® is A&E’s signature core spun sewing thread manufactured with a continuous filament polyester core and polyester staple wrap, ideal for use in most sewing applications. Its core-spun construction delivers a thread with a higher strength and sewing performance over staple spun products, allowing for the use of smaller thread sizes. Heavily utilized as an all-around industrial thread, Perma Core® maximizes seam quality while minimizing sewing problems.

Product Details:

  • Fiber Type: Polyester Core, Polyester Wrapped
  • Size: 6000 Yards
  • Finishes: Soft
  • Thread Construction: Core Spun - Polyester Wrap
  • Application: General - for sewing light and heavy weight garments


  • Higher tensile strength over spun polyester threads
  • Excellent sewability and ply security
  • Recommended for automatic sewing machines (multi-directional)
  • Good seam strength and abrasion resistance
  • Very good color fastness
  • Available in natural, white, and colors from all A&E global facilities

Other Details:

  • Fiber Resistance to Acid- Excellent
  • Fiber Resistance to Alkali- Fair
  • Fiber Resistance to Bleach- Excellent
  • Fiber Abrasion Resistance- Good
  • Fiber Resistance to Heat- 145 deg C (Highest continuous temperature before breakdown)
  • Fiber Melting Point- 265 deg C
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